Important Tips For Keeping Your Trees Safe and Healthy


Keeping your trees healthy and your garden beautiful won’t happen all by itself. There are some important practices homeowners should apply to their tree management tasks that will ensure their trees grow beautifully and last for many years to come.

Limit Staking Your Tree — while the best intentions lead homeowners to add a stake to support their tree, keep it from harm and even increase the trunk growth, the opposite is often the result. The important thing to understand is that when done improperly, tree staking can rob the tree of a chance to grow strong and eventually undermine the balance and support of the tree growth. What happens is that the tree begins to grow wider but loses trunk growth.

Transplant Your Tree — it will be necessary to move a tree from spot to spot at some point, so be sure you fully understand the needs of your tree. Certain trees must be planted further than others to avoid their roots choking each other. The larger the tree, the more difficult this process.

Protect a Tree’s CRZ — Before you begin mulching to improve the health of the tree, make sure you understand the CRZ of the trees in your yard. This is considered to be the area directly under the tree and out to the drip line. By properly addressing this area of the tree, you can greatly increase the growth and vitality of the plant.

Mulch — Mulch is an especially beneficial addition that can benefit your tree as it grows. Mulch can have heaped around the base of the tree within the CRZ and can improve the quality of the soil from the ground down to the roots. Temperatures and moisture availability are also improved. When properly applied, this can make the garden look very attractive and well-maintained.

Fertilize Your Tree — for best results, your trees should be fertilized at least once a year, but preferably several times. This is needed most at the beginning of the year during the summer months and late spring. As the tree gets older a few light applications throughout the year will keep it in excellent health.

Prune Your Tree — Pruning your tree not only keeps it looking its best but also keeps it growing with a stronger form and trunk. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this task, be sure you review this online and consider the best practice for your situation.

Winterize Your Tree — in the fall, your tree will enter a dormant phase that will make them appear dead and inactive until the spring. While you may think they are fine, they can be protected from insects, disease, and the damage they are not able to fight in their dormant state. Many elms, birches, and willows will not be able to handle the weight of the ice and snow and a tree specialist may be able to provide you with some effective preventative measure to protect your trees.

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