Tree Climbing Advice

Tree climbing is an actual sport basically but also in some people’s case, an actual job they do for a living. Both have been growing in popularity over the recent years now. There are many rope techniques in the tree climbing community now. For an example, tree climber use static ropes, they lack in stretchiness of forced producing motion to ensure if you were to fall the rope would lock itself very soon after accidentally falling over. Most tree climbers use a rope called Yale Poison Ivy, tit can withstand the weight of about 6500 pounds. The central friction of most commonly used knots can move up and down the rope, but if the tree climber were to fall, the hitch locks in place. You wont have a terrible ending but at the most have a few scratches or bruises.

One of the most important things to have is a helmet and a harness that is specifically made just for tree climbers just for the simple reason that tree climbers sit in the harness throughout the whole entire season. So the pro tree climbers use the best comfortable models there so that they do not suffer. A simple spare of a harness would cut circulation to the legs making a arborist worker very uncomfortable when using it. Tree climbing can be an escape for many people who enjoy climbing trees and seeing the view from the top side of the tree. One of the most important things to have is an Cambium protectors, which you could get in metal or the traditional leather. It is used to keep your rope from making friction on branches when having the rope over a tree branch. That way your ropes will last longer and you could never be to safe for that.

A unicender can be used to replace the blake’s hitch, having that option helps many people feel comfortable knowing that it is perfectly made for that type of tree climbing. Using the unicender, in doubled roped each side of the rope carries one-half of the climber’s weight. It is always good t have the best equipment for that type of sport. You would want to have the best reliable equipment and always making sure to be safe.



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